CryoRFID consortium

Central information page for the implementation of the Cryogenic Radio Frequency Identification system


The CryoRFID consortium have been created by EMBL Grenoble Instrumentation group in order to bring together the manufacturers of CryoRFID equipped devices and to centralise the attribution of Manufacturer IDs and Device Type codes.

The consortium is today composed by the following members:

To join the consortium or to request for the attribution of new Manufacturer IDs and Device Type codes please contact us.

Technical information

Programming protocol

The memory of the CryoRFID tag is organized in 52 pages. One page can store 4 bytes (32 bits) and ASCII encoding (4 characters/page) was choosen for the programming of the RFID tags.

The pages are devided in three main domains:

domains picture

Device UID

The Device UID has been defined to avoid duplicated IDs between different manufacturers. It is composed of 8 alphanumerical characters. Only six characters are used, the last two being reserved for future extension.

The first letter of the Device UID is the manufacturer ID. It is attributed according to the Manufacturer Ids table here after. It is up to each manufacturer to follow up on the distribution of the remaining 5 characters, to ensure unique IDs in its production.The Device UID is stored in the memory Pages 0 and 1 of the RFID chip that contain 8 characters in total. Space characters (ASCII character: 32 decimal base, 20 hexadecimal base) should complete the 6 UID characters to reach a total of 8 characters.

Example for the device UID “AX123A” we have to write “AX123A  ” into the chip.

Page 0 Page 1
ASCII Character A X 1 2 3 A       
Hexadecimal Code 0x41 0x58 0x31 0x32 0x33 0x41 0x20 0x20

Manufacturer Ids:

Manufacturer Name Manufacturer ID
Mitegen B
Molecular Dimensions Ltd C
Hampton Research H
Marresearch GmbH M
NatX-Ray N
Reserved for internal tests A,Z

Device Type Code

The device type allows automated handling systems to recognize a device, e.g. in MX, the different pucks that fit in the same Dewar slot. The device type is stored in the memory page 2 of the RFID chip, which contains 4 characters in total. The currently available device type codes are summerized in the table Device Type Codes.

Example: For an SC3 puck , the code “MX0 “ has to be written to the page 2 of the RFID tag

Page 2
ASCII Character M X 0    
Hexadecimal Code 0x4D 0x58 0x30 0x20

Device Type Codes

Device Type Device Type Code
SC3 puck MX0
uni-puck MX1
SPINEplus puck MX2
miniSPINE puck MX3
NewPin36 puck MX4
NewPin64 puck MX5
Cryo-EM puck MP1
Cryo-EM box MB1

User field

The used field can be used for any purpose. It starts on Page 3 and ends on Page 51.


On the table below we show an encoding example:

example picture

CryoRFID reader


To help the widespreading of the CryoRFID identification technology the EMBL Grenoble Instrumentation Team has created the easy to use, easy to integrate CryoRFID reader/writer device. This device permits to read and write the cryoresistant RFID tags respecting the above described protocol. There are various accessories to adapt the reader to different device types (a couple of examples on the following pictures). The CryoRFID reader runs a web interface accessible from a simple browser (no software installation required). Furthermore it also runs a low level socket server permitting to integrate it into bigger systems using machine to machine communication.

reader picture reader picture reader picture

For more information please contact us.

Configuration file download

The CryoRFID reader/writer can be updated in order to support new manufacturer IDs ans device type IDs. In order to keep a coherence over these different codes and avoid duplicates, the latest configuration files of the devices are availables exclusively on this website.

To proceed to the update of your device please download the latest configuration package from the list below and upload it to your CryoRFID reader device

Publication Date Package Comments
20 April 2020 V.1.0.0 First version


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